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Metercage is any owner, property manager or tradesman’s best friend. Easy to install and extremely sturdy, our protective cages offer you peace of mind against the risk of theft or damage to your water meter. At the same time, your meters can still be easily read or maintained by water authorities or plumbers. Our Galvanised steel cages have been designed to fit water meters large or small, along with the valves and backflow protection devices that are required on all water meters. The gas cage can be wall mounted, fixed to a concrete slab or be directly concreted in the ground. The hot water unit cage is wall mounted and will suit most, if not all, instant continuous hot water system Get in touch with Metercage Security to arrange a speedy installation; just the one or multiple units.

What are the benefits of installing water meter cages?

  1. Cost-effective protection from theft and damage
  2. Flat pack design for easy assembly, shipping or pick up
  3. Durable, galvanised water meter cages
  4. Accessible for all authorities reading and maintenance
  5. Fix to concrete or earth
  6. Establishes industry standards

Hot water and gas meter cages also available!

See our cages below

Code Cage Type Price (ex gst)
WM01 Small Meter Cage
900mm(L) x 300mm(W) x 460mm(H)
WM02 Medium Meter Cage
1600mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 500mm(H)
WM03 Large Meter Cage
1800mm(L) x 600mm(W) x 600mm(H)
WM04 Long Assembly Meter Cage
2400mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 600mm(H)
GAS Gas Meter Cage
800mm(H) x 800mm(W) x 500mm(D)
HWU How Water Unit Meter Cage
800mm(H) x 600mm(W) x 300mm(D)